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Our new album “The Return Of PEOPLE!” Is now out on all platforms. The CD is ready for orders and the vinyl record is a few months away.  Please let us know which songs are your favorites.  

Also a new interview-

Psychedelic Baby Magazine article-

Band member Geoff  Levin is currently working on a documentary about their history from 1945 to the present. This documentary also covers the history of the band from their early era (1965) to their recent reunion (2018). This documentary dives deep into the band’s relationship to Scientology and how this organization impacted the lives of everyone in the band.


Eve Of Destruction is being selected for film festivals for best music video.

BB poster BMK.JPG

"Wake the Monkey," on the band's new album, is the end credits song for "Acts Of Desperation."

Acts of Desperation.JPG

Geoff is part of a new 4 CD set of Jerry Garcia recordings before the Dead. Geoff played with Jerry and David Nelson in The Blackmountain Boys. He is on several cuts of the CD. Robbie contributed several photos to the package including the one below.


Jerry Garcia, Sandy Rothman and Geoff Levin 1963 at the Offstage in San Jose

offstage 1963 Garcia 1-3psd.jpg
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